2014 Elections

May 2014 Election Bulletin

I cannot believe that the Gyro year is close to coming to the break for summer. With this in mind it also means, among other activities, that the club elections are right around the corner.

The club elections are handled by an Election Committee.This committee is made up of the Immediate Past President acting as chairman together with the current President and Vice President. It is the responsibility of the committee to seek nominations from the membership for two (2) 2 year Director positions and a Vice President. Another responsibility is to organize the election meeting on May 28, 2014.

Over the past couple of years the process of securing nominations has changed from what it used to be. There was and still is a feeling among some members that the commitment level requires more work than some are willing to commit to for 2 or 3 years depending on the position. For this reason and others the process has been changed.

Since January 2014 the committee has been talking to members with the hope that they will let their name stand in nomination for one of the three positions. The committee is pleased to inform the membership that we have 2 members who have agreed to let their name stand in nomination for the 2 Director positions and 1 member has agreed to let his name stand in nomination for Vice President.

Director – Rick Craddock and Peter Sachatsky
Vice President – Bill Austin

Having these names published and put forward in nomination for these positions does not mean that nominations are closed. In fact, nominations for these positions can be received by the Election Committee from now until election night.

I would encourage each member to seriously consider letting their name stand for one of these 3 positions. As you will read in upcoming bulletins, President Lawrence mentions his experience on the Board and that the work involved is not as time consuming as many in the club are led to believe.Talk to Lawrence or Ray personally to get first hand knowledge of the work and the time requirement involved on the Board of the club. I mention them because they both have taken active roles serving first as Directors and are now currently on the Board of the club. If you are interested in letting your name stand in nomination or you would like further information please contact one of the following 3 individuals.

Lawrence Zalasky or phone 780 467-4714
Ray Davis or phone 780 467-5258
Don Greig or phone 780 467-7422

Yours in Gyro,

About Lawrence Zalasky

I was born and schooled in Two Hill, Ab. Upon graduation I moved to Edmonton, got involved in finance and followed that path for 10 years. In 1973 I formed a partnership in a very successful mortgage firm that culminated in our getting a "Trust Company" entitled Colonial Trust. In 1984 we sold the Trust Company and it is today known as Peoples Trust. Marge and I married in 1968 after a 5 year courtship, moved to Sherwood Park where we still reside, have 3 lovely married daughters, 3 great sons-in-law and 10 grandchildren. After semi retiring in 2004 I joined the Sherwood Park Gyro Club. I co-chaired the District VIII Convention in Sherwood Park in 2010, served as a director in 2011, then Vice President in 2012 and became the club President for the 2013-14 term. Gyro is relaxing, exciting and rewarding. Gyro shares a value that the world strives for on a daily basis. That value is one of "Equality". To Gyros "Equality has no boundaries". To Gyros ethnicity, religious educational or work background is never an issue. To a Gyro there is no "back seat" on the bus. For this I am richer and proud of my Gyro friends and friendships.
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