Gyro International

Gyro exists throughout North America and the sole purpose of this organization is to promote “Friendship”.  Gyro came into being in 1912 when three college chums decided that their friendship, which had crystallized through their college years, was worthy of perpetuation.  Gyro carries with it no label of race, creed, political, or other club affiliation. While many Gyro clubs do support and contribute to community projects, the primary purpose of coming together as Gyros is for “friendship and fun”.

In addition, Gyro International, through participation by representatives from each of the Districts together with the International Executive, provides a link tying together all Gyros.  This organization exists for the purpose of cultivating and perpetuating the ideals and objectives of Gyro.  The name “Gyro” was derived from the principle of the rapidly spinning gyroscope. It maintains a remarkable steadiness in the orientation of its spinning axis and resists being deflected to any new orientation.  It is said to have power, poise and balance.  These attributes apply to Gyros. 

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