Look what Jim, the Easter Bunny, brought you

Jim and Rita Malott have just offered up a fantastic item for our auction (see below). I am forwarding this now so that Gyros and their corresponding Gyrettes can discuss this opportunity, hit the calculator and calendar and come up with your bidding strategy.

Rita and I are putting a “Belize Package” in the auction this year. Accommodation and guide service in Belize.

It will consist of 2 weeks accommodation in the Master Bedroom of our (Malott’s & Dootjes) 1650 sq ft condo which is located in Placencia, Belize about 30 feet from the Carribean. We have a car there so will be able to chauffer the winning couple from watering hole to watering hole as well as see a few sights. It is more of a relaxing vacation to be taken in the winter as opposehd to the gogo Tour of Portugal. See the website Los Porticos Villas for more information. Also see attached for view from our balcony.
Full Retail price for this would be about $3,500. in high season.

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