Club History

The Club was formally chartered under the presidency of John Quinlan (who had been a member of a Gyro Club in eastern Canada) on October 4, 1975 at the Capilano Motor Inn (now King’s College). This venue became the club’s regular meeting place for the next 15 years. Since then, the Club has met at six other facilities, generally in the south-east side of Edmonton, recognizing that some members do not reside in Sherwood Park and the location seemed suitable for all members.

The Club was chartered with 30 members and was the 215th Gyro Club chartered. The Club is a fellowship and friendship group and is not a political, business, religious, or service organization.

There are currently four charter members with continuous service in the Club. There are two others who left the club for a period of time due to work transfers and who have now returned. Another, Jim Roberts, has left but remains very active in Gyro in our neighboring District IV and was Gyro International President in 2006-07. We are also proud of the four members from the club who have served as District Governor and one member who is the current 2013-14 District Governor.

A number of years ago, the Club removed its 40-member cap. Since that time membership increased to nearly 60 members and now numbers 51. Many are not as active as they used to be due to time spent as “Snowbirds” but the absentee members remain in contact over the winter months and keep the club healthy.

The Club is very proud of being from Sherwood Park, and in 2010 hosted their third District Convention, which we were pleased to do within the City of Sherwood Park without relying on the resources of our larger neighbor to the west. It provided a real “small town” atmosphere resulting in a great convention. We are currently one of the key organizers of the District VIII Alberta golf tournament held annually in central Alberta.

Over the years the Club has been supported by an active group of Gyrettes who have added to the solidarity of this group.

Our club is a fun loving group of individuals who enjoy the company of others.

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  1. Wow, this is an absolutely great! We’re “moving on up”. I had no trouble getting in or moving from site to site while enjoying the content. It’s informative and presents well. Congrats and good job Doug and Jim.
    There will be more ideas forthcoming as we take an in depth look at the site with the thought of adding more member information (that would be available to members only), event reminders and subsequent onto chairman reports/write-ups with a picture or two, etc. Thanks for your efforts.
    Please respond confirming receipt of these comments.

  2. Al Gordon says:

    Initial impressions and to mirror Lawrence’s comment “WOW”. I do not expect to find any flaws but will be pleased to lend another set of eyes to the site. Job well done guys.

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