Meeting Schedule 2015 – 2016

Welcome Gyrettes

I hope everyone has had a happy and healthy summer and are ready to enjoy another year of friendship and fun. We are trying something new this year and will welcome any comments. I will send details in another letter.
Meeting Dates and Teams for 2015/2016

Sept 23 – Susan Climie, Linda Sachatsky, Diane Porter

Oct. 28 – Lauraine Syvenky, Marge Zalasky, Andrea Braun

Nov. 18 – Cora Dootjes,  Dawn Williams, Judy Taylor

Dec. 20 – Gyro Christmas Party

Jan. 27 – Marion Phillips, Jan Gordon, Barb Hunt

Feb. 24 – Cory Greig, Carol Kleebaum, Carol Lesniak

Mar. 30 – Carol Lindner

Apr. 27 – Lois Wilson, Judy Schultz, Sharon Slade

May 25 – Carol Delveaux, Jan Bradley, Janis Clark, Eleanor Copeland

June 22 – Ann Ward, Norma Austin, Nora Craddock, Brenda Kropp, Lynn Davis

The Team leader (name underlined) will be responsible for getting in touch with your team to arrange your meeting, getting information to Linda Sachatsky (), about 12 to 14 days prior to the meeting so that she can e-mail all members and have them respond to you as to whether they will attend or not.


If you cannot be available on the dates listed for some reason please get in touch with me Andrea Braun\a>) Phone # 780-464-0532

Hope to see you on September 23rd

Andrea Braun

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