I am unable to comment or reply to comments on the website.

Note Before any comment or post can appear on the website it must be approved by a moderator (the Webmaster). This is to protect the Club from lawsuits from slander.

That being said, it may also be that your comment or post is simply disappearing into ether space as a result of a setting on either your computer or router.

Each time you submit a comment or reply to a comment, Jetpack, a plugin that was installed to increase the visibility of the Club website on the internet has to “ping” both their server and your machine. You may have pings blocked either through a firewall on your own computer or on your router. For example on a NetGear router

netgear interface
















If at the bottom of the screen under firewall you click on WAN Ping Blocking. You will bring up a screen where you can uncheck “Block ICMP Ping”. Don’t forget to save your change. You should now be able to comment and reply to posts on the website.

netgear pingSlide1 





On a Linksys or Cisco router according to this reply in the Linksys UK forum, all you need to do is to Uncheck Filter Anonymous Internet Requests to enable “Pings” to go through.






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