Minutes of Election Meeting



LOCATION:  German Canadian Cultural Center

CHAIRMAN OF THE MEETING: Ted Ewanchuk, President

ATTENDEES: 27 Members

CALL TO ORDER:  By the Chairman at 7:04 PM.


  1. Quorum:  There were 27 of the 46 Active Club members present which constituted a quorum.
  2. Event Schedule: Ted Ewanchuk called the meeting to order with the main element of the meeting being the election of new officers for the club for the coming year.
  3. Next meetings:  May 18 auction – please get your items into the committee (Jack Beattie); June 3 or4 Horse Racing (Ted received confirmation that we would do this event);  June 15 Windup – discussion on where to hold this event, ARK was booked but the consensus was that the facility is too small and crowded. We will look into alternatives.
  4. Summer events: Golf with Gord Stewart as onto chairman. Volunteers were requested to help Gord and he received lots of help. Outdoor Bocce, Gary Kleebaum will follow up. The picnic will not be held this year.
  5. 50th Anniversary: Edmonton and Sherwood Park will cohost in 2025.
  6. Ted requested that everyone take a minute and review the display by Al Bleiken and look at what events they would like to have next year rather than the same old mould. 
  7. Al Bleiken presented the full slate of candidates for the positions. There were two candidates for the position of Director. Gord Stewart accepted his nomination, Paul West accepted his nomination. Other nominations were called for three times. Receiving no further nominations Gord and Paul were declared elected for the vacant positions of Director. For the position of Vice President, Art Merrick was nominated and accepted his nomination. Further nominations were called for and none were forthcoming. Art was declared elected by acclamation. Bruce Copeland (existing V.P. ) willingly accepted the position of President. The positions of Treasurer (Erik Braun) and Secretary (Ray Davis) were appointed and accepted their positions.

MEETING ADJOURNED AT 7:40 PM.  So everyone could go home and cheer the Oilers on

Minutes prepared Secretary (Ray Davis)

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