Founders Night 2021

Hello Fellow Gyros:

I would like to comment on the wonderful evening hosted by the Edmonton Gyro Club at the University Club in honor of the Founders of Gyro.  In attendance were 45 members, spouse, and guests including Sid and Sharon Slade and Allan Bleiken from our Sherwood Park Club.  The evening started at 5:30 pm with cocktails and visiting, with an excellent Prime Rib and Yorkshire Pudding buffet served at 6:30.

Duncan Mills was an excellent host and MC and introduced our own Allan Bleiken to speak on behalf of the Sherwood Park Club.  Allan spoke very eloquently about Gyro and what it means to him and gave an update on our clubs founding 46 years ago (and that we still have 4 of the original founding members still active in the club).  Marty Larsen followed to speak about the Edmonton club.

Following the formalities Duncan introduced the guest speakers Jeffrey Hansen- Carlson, CEO of Prairie Sky Gondola and Claire McDonald who is one of the managers.  Prairie Sky Gondola was born from the Edmonton Project which was a city-wide brainstorming competition that picked the urban gondola as a project the business community would back.

Claire read an interesting short book about the value of an idea.  Jeffrey and Claire thenspoke about how the company earned the project rights, its plans and progress to date, and what we can expect to see over the next couple of years until the anticipated grand opening in the summer of 2024.  Even though I was very skeptical coming into the meeting, the speakers did an excellent job of describing the project and more importantly would not require tax payers funding.   The presentation was very well received with a lot of questions and discussion following.  Technical details are available in the following link:



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