Presidents message April 4th

April 4th, 2020

Dear Gyros and Gyrettes

The COVID 19 pandemic has changed our world, and with it the activities of our Gyro Club.  Over the past several weeks, the Board has reviewed the status of the remaining meetings in the current year and has come to the following conclusion:

  1. The remaining Gyro meetings scheduled for this calendar year ending June 30th, have been cancelled.  The assessment by the Board was that it was highly unlikely the restrictions on public meetings of more than 15 people would be lifted and that it is doubtful that there would be any place to hold a meeting.  More importantly, the Board felt is would be unacceptable to put any Gyro or Gyrette member at a risk of contracting COVID 19.
    1. The remaining meetings include: Wills and Estates on April 8th, the Mixed Supper on April 25th, Election Night on May 6th, the Auction on May 20th, Horse Racing on June 5th, and our Wind-up Meeting on June 17th
    2. The summer events including the Pot Luck Picnic, Mystery Golf, and the Outdoor Bocce, will be reviewed by the incoming executive to determine if they can be held as planned.
  2. The cancelled meetings in this year’s program will be reviewed by the incoming Board following June 30th, to determine if they should remain cancelled or deferred to a later date in next years program.
  3. It has been agreed that Rick Craddock will organize an election process for this year to seek two new Directors and a Vice President who will become part of next year’s executive.
  4. In terms of the Club’s financial position, Erik Braun has advised that with the cancellation of the remaining meetings in this year’s program, the meal costs saved would be the general equivalent of the revenues normally raised in the auction.  Therefore, there is no requirement to hold an auction this year.

Several of our members have asked for an update on our program schedule for this year.  Hopefully, this letter will answer your questions, but if you want additional information, please let me or any Board member know.  Please make sure to inform your Gyrette member or your significant other of these changes.

Hopefully, this letter will find everyone to be healthy, happy, and not too constrained by the need for self-isolation.  And, hopefully, we can put this dreadful pandemic behind us and return to our normal and happy lives as friends in Gyro.

Kind regards and best wishes on behalf of the Board,

Allan Bleiken, President

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