Message from our President

As previously announced, all Gyro meetings are cancelled until further notice.  The Board has followed up on this matter and the consensus was to review this matter on a monthly basis and make future decisions as required.  Accordingly, the next two meetings, the Wills and Estate Speaker, and the Mixed Supper have been cancelled.  The Board will review future meetings in a timely manner to allow Program On-To Chairs to cancel commitments such as Race Night, if and as required.

Should you as Gyro members wish to offer your comments and input on this manner, please advise, so the Board can take your comments into account as they make future decisions on our Meetings.

Thank you, hope you are having a good day, and are staying healthy.


PS – since I can not dance or sing, I am going to hold an outside music concert on my deck and invite neighbours to sit on their deck to enjoy the music and have a cup of coffee or a drink of wine.  I have a huge 500-watt speaker which can broadcast music over a large area, which might be useful for outdoor Gyro get-togethers in the summer.  It comes with a mike.  If any of you have ideas of how to entertain your friends and neighbours, please pass them on.

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