Spring Weight Challenge


Hello All, hope the winter was good to all of you. Lynn and I have come back from our time in Indio and are looking forward to spring and summer here in the Park. Unfortunately, I feel that I may have not pushed myself away from the table too often while we were away and desperately need to lose a few pounds. But I need some encouragement to help me along the way. My competitive nature is my way of getting that encouragement so I thought that maybe some of my friends are in the same spot as I am and could use a challenge to help get healthier.
So on that note I have devised a two month weight loss challenge that of course will cost some coin to make it more interesting and encouraging.
Here is what I propose:
•         Start – April 30th for 2 months (9 weeks)
•         Contestants put $25 into the kitty at the start
•         Everyone weighs in every Wednesday using a scale of their choice (but you need to use the same scale, at the same time of day)
•         Contestants email their weekly weight to a central point (Ray – keeper of the spreadsheet) and the percentages lost is published (NOT the actual numbers)
•         Rather than being “booted”, the contestant with the lowest weekly percent weight loss (or highest gain) puts in $5 to the kitty.  You have to weigh in every week, or I’ll just                    charge you the $5 anyway
•         Winners:  The person with the highest percent weight loss for the 9 weeks will get 70% of the kitty, 2nd place will get 20% and 3rd place will get 10% (that’s assuming we get        3 players)
An email will go out every Wednesday night to those participating summarizing the % weight loss (pounds lost divided by the previous weeks weight).  The final result is the % loss from the original weigh-in number. Weigh-in day will be April 30 when you will e-mail me your first weight (in pounds not stones). Please let me know by Monday April 28th if your interested. I will do the first e-mail on April 30th letting everyone know who is in the challenge, then May 7 with the first results and the first one to pay the piper for being the lowest % loser. Final weigh-in day will be June 25th after which the winners will be declared. I know a lot of you do not need to lose weight or may not want to participate for other reasons but I wanted to included all my gyro friends in the offer anyway.
So who is in?
Jennie Craig and Dr. Bernstien need not apply!

 Cheers Ray

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