President’s Update

Hello Fellow Gyros:

Just a quick update:

As previously agreed at the Annual General Meeting held in September the Gyro fees were set at $200 and were to be reviewed in January.  We also agreed to delay collection until the January timeframe.  At our recent Executive Meeting we asked Erik to proceed with invoicing and the collection of the annual dues; so expect an invoice from Erik.  We will monitor our activity and decide at a later date if we will require an auction for addition funds.

  1. We also discussed our Schedule of Events and what events can proceed.  It is felt that we will delay any further activities until the latest wave of COVID subsides; hopefully within the next month.  A suggestion was made that we should do more outdoor events in the spring and summer.
  2. I have been in communication with Duncan Mills from the Edmonton Club.  They are proceeding with their lunch speaker program with somewhat reduced attendance.  Duncan also forwarded a list of their speakers over the past several years that we may want to contact for our meetings.
  3. Duncan has suggested that we do a joint event.  They are considering attendance at an Oil Kings hockey game on February 21 (Family Day afternoon) and would invite is to join them.  The game is between the Winnipeg Ice and the Oil Kings who are the top two teams in the league; so it should be a good game.  Please advise me if you would be interested in attending.

Yours in Gyro Friendship,


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