Health/Welfare July

Gyros and Ladies:
Normally you would be reading my Health and Welfare report from the club bulletin published by Scott Brisbin. Unfortunately Scott has had some major computer difficulties which he hopes will be resolved sometime next week. With his okay here is the report that was sent to Scott last week. I have added to the report the very sad news regarding the passing of Carol Lesniak. Take care my friends.
Bill Austin – Bill is feeling much better and putting on a bit of weight. He finished his last radiation treatment on June 22nd and will have some follow up tests in mid July to see how the radiation treatments have worked for his cancer. Like Bill and Norma, we hope for a positive outcome from these tests. On Saturday the 3rd, Bill and Norma are going on a road trip to Radium for a week prior to these tests.
Garry Jones – Garry has been given the thumbs up from his doctor and is back to 100%. In fact when I phoned he was at their lake retreat in northeastern Alberta.
Sid Slade – A few weeks ago Sid was hospitalized a few days for pneumonia. Shortly after returning home he had severe pains in his abdomen and after a CT Scan it was found he had a bulging aorta. The first full week of July, Sid has a lung capacity test scheduled and a follow up with his doctor. The results of this will determine whether Sid will have laparoscopic surgery on July 12th to put in a stint that will fix the bulging aorta. Sid, to you and Sharon our best wishes as you go through this process.
Audrey Zmurchuk – As has been previously reported, Audrey is at Capital Care Norwood receiving physiotherapy treatment. Herb feels these treatments have built up some muscle but she needs the aid of a walker for walking. Some good news is that if all goes well, Audrey will be home on Thursday the 8th with visits from HomeCare to help Audrey and Herb.
Carol Lesniak – It is with deep sadness that we learned of Carol Lesniak’s passing on the evening of Monday the 5th. Our thoughts, prayers and sympathy are with Ken and the family at this very sad time.
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