Thanks from Al Bleiken

A few minutes ago, Don Greig left after visiting me following my surgery. He left me with a great get well card and a libation that will see me through difficult times in the future.  This type of friendship is what makes Gyros the great club it is, and the great friends in the club. I want to personally thank Don for taking time to visit and to each of you for being a Gyro friend.

In many ways, Gyro is one of our community’s greatest secret.  Next to family, it gives the best thing in life, friends.  And haveing been a Gyro for the past 20 years, I have great memories of wonderful times and lots of laughter.

I have four new holes in my belly which are healing well.  The doctor said the gall bladder was a mess, so it was good to get it out.  Sorry I can’t join you for cribbage tonight, so I know my money is safe.

Thanks again and have a great evening.


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