Children’s Christmas Party

The event went off like clockwork, thanks to all the volunteers:
Peter S. provided check lists, contact names, etc.; Eric B. cut a $350
cheque for the clowns, Lee and Earl helped set up the tables and provided
all sorts of ideas; Bill A. rounded up a new Santa when he couldn’t be there
himself; Al B., as Santa, saved Bill A’s bacon – and what a great Santa he
was; and Bill C. , with his mantle of antlers, once again made sure Santa
arrived in one piece, on time. Last but not least, Art’s wife, Judy, kept
him on track throughout.
Many of us commented on the fact that the party was more congenial
for everyone with 68 attendees, vs 125 last year and several hundred the
year before.  Thanks to everyone who attended and who helped out.

Art Merrick/Judy Taylor

Gyro Xmas1 Gyro Xmas3 Gyro Xmas2

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