Curlarama in Banff Results

District VIII Curlarama 2014 Report

The District VIII annual curling bonspiel was once again a huge success. Two teams from Sherwood Park were among the seventeen teams competing in Banff on Nov 7th-9th for curling supremacy. Regina, Calgary, Edmonton, Nelson, Cranbrook, Castlegar, Port Albernie and Wallace were among other clubs represented at the event.

Sherwood Park #1 team was skipped by Bill Austin with 3rd Dick Caddey, 2nd Dorne Hunt and lead Art Merrick. Their skills and talent were clearly on display as they won their first 2 games rather handily. A few bad breaks (and growing aches) contributed to their loss in the 3rd game dropping them into the “C” event and requiring them to play a 4th game that day. A couple of ceasars later they were victorious resulting in a Sunday morning final against a team from Nelson. Unfortunately they lost the final game.

Sherwood Park #2 was skipped by Herb Zmurchuk, 3rd (legend) Lloyd Wilson, 2nd Jim Malott and lead Lawrence Zalasky. SP #2 were not quite as lucky as SP #1 and played against a couple of “ringer” teams who overcame skill with luck. After losing 4-3 and 7-2 SP #2 were forced to come up with a big win late Saturday to advance into the “D” event final Sunday morning. The score in the final game was 5-2 in our favor. Lloyd Wilson accepted the “D” event trophy and willingly took it home where it is on display for anyone who wants to drop by to see it.

Saturday night included the usual banquet followed by a Texas Hold’em tournament. Of the 8 “A” side finalists 4 were from Sherwood Park and on the “B” side 3 of the 8 finalists were Sherwood Park Gyro members. Dick Caddey won the “B” event pocketing $100. On the “A” side Herb Zmurchuk was 2nd making $150 while the winner and perennial finalist was none other than our PP Lawrence Zalasky who walked away with $250.

Jim Malott was heard bemoaning his bad luck when he lost out on a $100 by 3 chips. As Kenny Rogers so aptly said, “you’ve got to know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, know when to run”. We think Jim missed one of those steps.

The legend Lloyd Wilson, once again took it on the “chin” with his streak of bad luck (or poor play) in crib continuing in Banff. Lloyd lost most of his singles and almost all of his doubles matches. Lloyd made friends and was on a first name basis with all the hotel reception staff who brought in extra rolls of loonies just for him.

The roads home were very similar to last year, snowy and icy from Banff to Red Deer. However, driving for the conditions resulted in all arriving home safe and ready to head back next year.

Curlarama is always a lot of fun. Meeting with familiar faces and new participating Gyros is what curlarama is all about. Plan to join us and be a part of this next year.

For information on dates and Curlarama 2015 please contact registrar Lloyd Wilson.

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