District VIII Governor’s Newsletter – January 2014

District VIII Governor’s Newsletter Jan 27, 2014

Gyro International Interim

We are currently attending the Gyro International Interim in Tempe. Meetings start tomorrow and they could be very interesting. For the most part items discussed at interim will be brought to Wallace at the Annual International Convention for voting. I will brief everybody once all the proposals have been discussed here.

Wallace Convention (June 15 -22, 2014)

The Wallace Convention is getting filled up but if you haven’t booked your room yet you can still phone 1-800-643- 2386 for help.
If you haven’t received the Registration form go to the Wallace website to download it. http://www.wallacegyro.com/

I understand that Bud Root from Yakima has booked the entire Ryan Hotel but now has 6 rooms left to rebook for any Gyro who may be interested in this Historic venue. Contact

I was just in Wallace for their Installation (had a great time) and everybody there is getting excited. All the important items have been planned and arranged for and a good time will be had by all attending.

Fairmont (Apr 25-27, 2014)

We have had enough interest in the informal Gyro get together in Fairmont that we will take the next step and start booking our rooms. I have booked a suite to be used as a hospitality suite (Usual one at end of old wing). Everyone coming should book a room using Reservation Group # 750309, Their Toll Free number is 1-800-663-4979. Cutoff date is February 15 so don’t delay.


Have you invited a friend to Gyro lately? Have you thought about what you can do for Gyro? Don’t be sedentary!

Thought of the day

A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

Jim Malott

Governor District VIII Gyro 780-868-2557

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