Darts Night Jan 11, 2023

Darts night same time same place (6:00PM at the CGCC) Please advise Dorne Hunt () of your attendance for meal count purposes as soon as possible.

If you have darts please bring them and we ask the holder of the trophy to bring it along.

Important business regarding the dues will also be on the table. As you will recall we split the dues into two installments at the AGM, (first being $200) the second installment being levied after approval at the first general meeting in January 2023. There are still a number of members who have not paid the first installment and we ask that you contact Eric Braun to make arrangements.

On behalf of your executive, I wish you and your families a HAPPY NEW YEAR for 2023.

Yours in Friendship

Bruce Copeland

President, Sherwood Park Gyro Club