Keith Bradley

Sad news our friend Keith Bradley passed away August 1 at 9:22 in the morning.  It is extremely sad for us all. Keith was someone who talked to everybody, he was genuinely interested in what you had to say, a rock solid Gyro and he will be missed greatly.

Keith awoke Friday morning with sharp pains in his right abdomen which they tried to relieve with pain meds.  After tests, they moved him to ICU with Septic Shock.  It turns out he had infection in his Gallbladder.  Last night, he was going through Kidney Failure and they tried dialysis but early this morning, he was going into Heart Failure.

His wife Jan and son Todd were with him when he passed.  Other family members were away and arrived too late.

Keith was just so tired and worn out, and in such great pain.  The ICU nurses were wonderful and made sure he was not in any pain, and sure enough he slipped away peacefully.  No more pain for him.  Now we learn to live our lives without him.


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