Founders Night 2019

October 17th, 2019

Members of the Sherwood Park and Edmonton Gyro Clubs

Subject: Founder’s Night, October 16th, 2019

My thanks to each member of the Sherwood Park and Edmonton Gyro Clubs for making Founder’s night such an enjoyable evening.  The success of Founder’s Night would not have been possible if it were not for the exceptional contributions of those involved in organizing the event.  In particular, I would like to thank Ted Ewanchuk for co-chairing the evening and to Ken Lesniak for making the arrangements to hold the meeting at the Belvedere Golf and Country Club.  As well, the outstanding contribution by Milt Lanes and Dunc Mills for their efforts on the registration desk and for dealing with the issue related to the seating arrangements.  As usual, the Gyro members showed their remarkable ability to deal with this matter quickly and effectively.  While we expected 89 members, we had 96 members attend, which filled every seat.

The program began with the witty and entertaining presentation by David Winfield on dining.  This was followed by Keith Bradley’s Founder’s Night presentation, which acknowledged the contributions by Ed Kagy, Gus Handerson, and Paul Schwan for creating 107 years of Gyro friendship and fellowship.  Fred Schulte provided an interesting and informative overview of the history of the Edmonton Club, which was incorporated 98 years ago, just 12 years after the foundation of the Gyro Association. 

Ted Ewanchuk introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Jasneet Parmar, Associate Professor at the University of Alberta, and a Director of Alberta Caregivers.  Dr. Parmar gave an important insight into a growing challenge within society of responding to the issue of caregiving.  As society ages, caregiving will become a serious challenge for everyone.  And, as noted by Dr. Parmar, society is not well prepared to handle this challenge.  As such, not only are those requiring care at risk, so too, are the caregivers.  Dr. Parmar advised that those faced with caregiving responsibilities could seek help and assistance from Albert Caregivers at website, or by contacting her personally at

My apologies to Don Greig and Lloyd Wilson for not calling on them to comment on Cribbage Night and Curlarama, but since the meeting was into its fourth hour, it was decided to conclude the meeting.  Accordingly, I would ask Don and Lloyd to address these issues through email.

In conclusion, my thanks again to those involved in organizing Founder’s Night and to the Gyros who participated so effectively in the program.  My thanks as well to everyone who attended this event.

Yours in Gyro


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