Auction May 24, 2023

Greetings Fellow Gyros:

Thank you to all who have donated and those who will take part in the auction.  Your club is most appreciative.  The auction will take place on Wednesday, May 24 at the German Canadian Cultural Centre.  As with other meetings the doors will open at 6:00 with dinner served around 7:00.  The auction will follow.  Bring your cheque books; Jim will also have his VISA machine available.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Yours in Gyro Friendship,


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Jack Beattie – rest in peace

Jack Charles Beattie Jr. | Obituary | Sharing Memories

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Note from President Bruce

Fellow Gyros

We have had two very successful meetings over the past month.

Founders night was a success with over 50 Sherwood Park Gyros and 40 Edmonton Gyros attending the meeting was enjoyed by all as was the food. We have received a pleasant thank you letter from Bonnie and Barrie Pratt, one of our founding members, thanking us for inviting them and how  they enjoyed visiting with old friends.

Thank you to Don Greig who arranged such a successful evening.

Last Wednesday, Nov. 10, Edmonton Gyro held their annual Billiards meeting at Cafferys pub. Paul West was the on to Chairman and the evening was enjoyed by all.

Our next meeting will be Cribbage night at the German Canadian Club, Wednesday, November 23. Bill Austin, E Mail is the Chairman for that meeting and requires a response from those expected to attend in order that we can provide a meal count to the German Canadian Club. The response is required by November 19.

We still require someone to step forward and occupy the Vice Presidents position.


Yours in Friendship

Bruce Copeland


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Curl -a -rama

November 4-6 were the dates for this year’s Curlarama held in Canmore. Our club was represented by 4 curlers; Milt Lanes, Ray Davis, Dorne Hunt and Jim Malott. There was also a tag along, Don Greig, who along with Milt added to the retirement funds of Ray and Dorne by losing a few crib games. One of the losers, Don, tried unsuccessfully to pay off his debt with a car wash token!

Now to the curling where the format was 6 end games. On Saturday the boys curled well winning one and losing the other to the eventual “A” event winners from the Calgary Club. On Sunday the team played in the “C” event final against a team from the Edmonton Club made up of Mike Matei, Chuck Gerhart, Dunc Mills and Roger Russell. Our club got off to a slow start and found themselves down 5-0 after two ends. The team dug deep and scored in the next four ends to win 8-5 and the “C” event trophy. A great game and one that will go down in Gyro history as the greatest come back at curlarama!!

Thank you to the Calgary Club and John Hodgson for organizing this year’s fun filled curlarama and to our own club organizer, Lloyd Wilson.

I strongly recommend members to attend next year; 1st weekend in November 2023 at Canmore. As the saying goes “the more the merrier.

Take care


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Dawn Williams

Hey  Guys

I  am sorry to say that Dawn passed away yesterday morning(Oct 29).    She was suffering from Lewy Body Dementia and it finally claimed her after roughly  seven years  of living with the illness.     Our family will be hosting a celebration of life in a couple of weeks.

Regards, John Williams

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Gyro Hockey Pool

Fellow Gyro Hockey Fans

I am hosting the 2022/23 Alberta Gyro Hockey Pool again this year. Last year we had 25 teams so I hope to have many more this year.  The more the merrier and bigger the pot.
  • The entry fee will stay the same as last year at $25 per team.  Enter as often as you like.
  • You can e-transfer me or mail to address below.
  • Deadline for entering your team is Oct. 23 so you’ll have 10 days of the season to help decide your picks.
  • It will be helpful to me if you enter your team as early as possible.  You will still be able to make changes to your picks up to Oct. 23.
  • 5 Bonus points will be awarded for hat trick or shutout
  • Each month you can make 1 player trade from within the same box.
I don’t have everyone’s emails so please pass their emails to me and I will send them an invite to join.
Our pool name is: Gyro2023
Password: Gyro
Winner Pot will be split
1st Place  50%
2nd Place 30%
3rd Place  20%
Any questions or comments, please email.
Good luck to all.
Rick O’Donnell
67 Charlton Way
Sherwood Park, Ab
T8H 2C8
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Memorial Service Keith Bradley

July 22, 1944 – August 1, 2022

We are saddened to announce his unexpected death after suffering through many months of complications following a slip on the ice in April.

Left to mourn his loss are his wife of 55 years, Jan, and their three sons, Todd (Kimberly), Matthew (Crystal) and Darrell (Sue) and his six much-loved grandchildren Kaleb, Paige, Hudson, Jaide, Lincoln and Finn. He was predeceased by his brother, Bernie, (Sandra) on June 23. He leaves behind three brothers-in-law, Bill and Bob Henderson, Peter Rivers, many nephews, nieces, cousins and their families.

Proud to have been a born Edmontonian, but having settled in Sherwood Park in 1970, Keith was a Land Developer who brought many changes in Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan and in Edmonton but had to retire early due to cardiac health issues.

Keith has been a member of Gyro International since 1976 and played many active roles. For many years, the family enjoyed time spent together at South Seba Beach. He was an avid golfer belonging to Belvedere and loved “putzing” in his yard. He loved his Sun City Palm Desert home in the winter and made many friends there. Keith and Jan enjoyed travelling to many countries over the years.

He was a wonderful husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle and friend to many and will be greatly missed. Family times were the best times. His sons will miss his wisdom, warmth, advice and support.

A memorial service will be held at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesday, August 16, at Bethel Lutheran Church, 298 Bethel Drive, Sherwood Park.

The family is sincerely grateful to the staff of 6 West, Misericordia Hospital for their tender care and support.

Memorial donations may be made to the Heart Transplant Clinic, University Hospital Foundation to support the work Keith benefitted from over 20 years ago.Please leave condolences at

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Keith Bradley

Sad news our friend Keith Bradley passed away August 1 at 9:22 in the morning.  It is extremely sad for us all. Keith was someone who talked to everybody, he was genuinely interested in what you had to say, a rock solid Gyro and he will be missed greatly.

Keith awoke Friday morning with sharp pains in his right abdomen which they tried to relieve with pain meds.  After tests, they moved him to ICU with Septic Shock.  It turns out he had infection in his Gallbladder.  Last night, he was going through Kidney Failure and they tried dialysis but early this morning, he was going into Heart Failure.

His wife Jan and son Todd were with him when he passed.  Other family members were away and arrived too late.

Keith was just so tired and worn out, and in such great pain.  The ICU nurses were wonderful and made sure he was not in any pain, and sure enough he slipped away peacefully.  No more pain for him.  Now we learn to live our lives without him.


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message outgoing President

Hello Fellow Gyros:

Wasn’t that a fun two years?

I would like to start by thanking our existing board members who have supported me in the past year as follows:

Vice President:                 Bruce Copeland

Treasurer:                           Erik Braun

Secretary:                           Ray Davis

2nd Yr Director:                  Art Merrick

2nd Yr Director:                  Jack Beattie

1st Yr Director:                   Bruce Schelske

1st Yr Director:                   Nestor Slipchuk

Bulletin Editor:                  Scott Brisbin

H & W Coordinator:        Gordon Stewart

And a special thank you to Allan Bleiken as Past President who acted as a mentor and provided valuable advice and sanity check when I needed it.

I would like to take this opportunity to recognize all the on-to chairs and teams who put on some great events.  After the “greatest summer ever” we moved into our “winter of discontent”; if I may quote William Shakespeare.  And as per the intended meaning of the phrase, our unhappy times are in the past.

We started our year with great hope and enthusiasm with the golf tournament organized by Gordon Stewart.  This was followed by our year end wind-up and Kropp family picnic generously hosted by Bernie and Brenda Kropp and attended by 72 grateful Gyros and guests.  Gary and Carol Kleebaum were wonderful hosts for our outdoor Bocce tournament.

Our Annual General Meeting held in September was a rather spirited event; fortunately, no fist fights broke out.  Bruce Copeland and Nestor Slipchuk did a masterful job of organizing the horseshoes tournament (which Nestor won aided by a ringer from the Edmonton Gyros).  A few of us attended the Founders Night hosted by the Edmonton Club; too bad there were not more that attended from our club.  Cribbage tournament (Bill Austen) was held at the Headquarters Restaurant. We were able to enjoy a wonderful turkey dinner with all the trimmings at the Belvedere Golf and Country Club for our annual Christmas event; thanks to Ken Lesniak and Nestor Chomik for their assistance.

We then went into a lull as the next wave of COVID slowed everything down.  But we did restart in the spring with the Poker Night (John Williams, Al Gordon and Art Merrick), and Speaker night (Richard Craddock).  Al Bleiken was successful in finding candidates for our election night.  Keith Bradley initiated proceedings for our Auction Night before he had his misfortunate accident.  Jim Malott and Jack Beattie were able to ensure that the event was a great success.  A small group of us enjoyed betting on the ponies.  And Al Bleiken led the convoy past Keith Bradley’s home to bring some positive vibes to Keith who needs it.  Which brings is to our wind-up; thanks to Don Greig for organizing.

The past year has been challenging.  I feel that we have been forced to act as caretakers in trying to keep our club activities active and alive.  But it is a credit to the perseverance of our club members that we are still viable and strong.  We lost only two members during the year, and I hear that they are both returning for next year.  Our bank balance is healthy which should give us a great start to the new year, and a new vibrant Executive Board is ready to lead us.

In closing I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to all the members of the Sherwood Park Gyro Club.  It has been an honor being your President.  Let us welcome our new President Bruce and Executive Board who will carry us into the new Gyro year.

Yours in Gyro friendship,


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Minutes of Election Meeting



LOCATION:  German Canadian Cultural Center

CHAIRMAN OF THE MEETING: Ted Ewanchuk, President

ATTENDEES: 27 Members

CALL TO ORDER:  By the Chairman at 7:04 PM.


  1. Quorum:  There were 27 of the 46 Active Club members present which constituted a quorum.
  2. Event Schedule: Ted Ewanchuk called the meeting to order with the main element of the meeting being the election of new officers for the club for the coming year.
  3. Next meetings:  May 18 auction – please get your items into the committee (Jack Beattie); June 3 or4 Horse Racing (Ted received confirmation that we would do this event);  June 15 Windup – discussion on where to hold this event, ARK was booked but the consensus was that the facility is too small and crowded. We will look into alternatives.
  4. Summer events: Golf with Gord Stewart as onto chairman. Volunteers were requested to help Gord and he received lots of help. Outdoor Bocce, Gary Kleebaum will follow up. The picnic will not be held this year.
  5. 50th Anniversary: Edmonton and Sherwood Park will cohost in 2025.
  6. Ted requested that everyone take a minute and review the display by Al Bleiken and look at what events they would like to have next year rather than the same old mould. 
  7. Al Bleiken presented the full slate of candidates for the positions. There were two candidates for the position of Director. Gord Stewart accepted his nomination, Paul West accepted his nomination. Other nominations were called for three times. Receiving no further nominations Gord and Paul were declared elected for the vacant positions of Director. For the position of Vice President, Art Merrick was nominated and accepted his nomination. Further nominations were called for and none were forthcoming. Art was declared elected by acclamation. Bruce Copeland (existing V.P. ) willingly accepted the position of President. The positions of Treasurer (Erik Braun) and Secretary (Ray Davis) were appointed and accepted their positions.

MEETING ADJOURNED AT 7:40 PM.  So everyone could go home and cheer the Oilers on

Minutes prepared Secretary (Ray Davis)

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